Professional photographers have different business models, experience, creative styles and offerings. It can definitely be tough to navigate.

I guess the best advice I can offer, in answer to this question, is why would you choose me?

If you answer 'yes' to the following, then you're on the right path.

Do you like the images you've seen on this website or in your friend's/family's homes?

Can you possibly view yourself and/or your family as your own personal work of art and deserving of a being displayed in your home as such?

Are you looking for images that will celebrate the connections you have?

Are you prepared to invest the time to ensure that your vision is realised?

Do you want quality products that will last for future generations?

Do you want someone who has the technical, creative and people skills to give you an experience that you can enjoy and be confident in the results?   

A printed image is the final step of the photographic process.  Purchasing just a digital file would leave the process unfinished.  It would be like going to a beautiful restaurant and ordering an amazing meal and they delivered the recipe to your table telling you to go cook it at home.   

There are so many variables in printing and what sets me apart from a lot of photographers is that I understand those variables and am able to navigate them for you..  understanding calibration, profiles and resolution,  knowing how the editing process needs to be adjusted to suit the substrate being printed on.   These are all things that are part of engaging a professional and crucial to beautiful, lasting images.

Because of this, I don't offer digital only products.  Every printed product comes with the matching digital file.

Melbourne and NE Vic Portrait Photographer
0492 957 153

Melbourne & NE Victoria
Portrait Photographer
(45mins north of Melbourne's CBD)

0492 957 153